What is Ahau?

Ahau is a hotel resort and community based on the principles of Mother Nature. We are comprised of people from all cultural backgrounds and age groups who have a collective vision: a high regard for nature and individuality.

The name Ahau comes from the Mayan sun god Kinich Ahau, who represents universal consciousness. Ahau prepares us for what the Mayans call the ‘Itza Age’ – the age of enlightenment, knowledge and peace.

By carefully observing nature and using the science of permaculture, we’ve designed a resort/community that mimics a healthy ecosystem and enhances biodiversity.

Our mission

Our primary goals are to harmonize with nature and operate with the highest level of social responsibility. We wish to create a place where tranquility and inspiration are effortlessly instilled in us by the natural beauty of all.

Ahau is deeply committed to being a leader in environmental development for the hospitality industry. We are also striving to grow our social awareness and responsibilities by connecting with local communities and living each day by example.